Friday, November 27, 2009

Basic Organic Wholemeal Bread Making

¾ cup warm water with a few drops of vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 cup wholemeal flour
2 cups strong bread flour
2 tsp dry yeast with ¼ cups warm water
½ tsp molasses sugar

1. Put a little of warm water into a small mug and gently stir in ½ tsp molasses sugar and yeast. Leave for 5 minutes until frothy.
2. Put the wholemeal and high protein bread flour, salt, molasses and oil into a mixing bowl. Stir well and make a hole in the centre.
3. Stir in the frothy yeast into the centre hole and add water slowly while starting to mix with fingertips
4. Add enough of the remaining water to make a firm dough without sticking the bowl.
5. Sprinkle a little extra flour on a working surface and knead the dough for about 20 minutes until it is no longer sticky and the surface becomes smooth
6. Put the kneaded dough into a plastic bag and leave to rise in room temperature for about 1 hour or until it is doubled in size
7. Press out the air from the dough and shape into a loaf pan
8. Place the loaf pan into a plastic bag or cover with damp towel for another hour.
9. Preheat oven at 180ºC and place a cup of water in the oven
10. Sprinkle a bit of wholemeal flour on top of the bread and use a sharp blade to slice a few times on the surface
11. Bake bread at 180ºC for about 25 minutes

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Non Sugar Dragon Fruit Enzyme

• Dragon Fruit 火龙果 800 g (2 big Dragon fruit)
• Dried Longan 龙眼肉 100 g
• Lemon 柠檬 200 g (1 lemon)
• Oligo 寡糖 90 g
• Honey 蜜糖 250 g

1. 将火龙果及柠檬洗净后晾干,切片备用。 龙眼肉无需清洗。
2. 把准备好的材料分成三分。顺序将龙眼肉,火龙果,及柠檬以层段的方式堆叠放入玻璃瓶内,淋上纯寡糖浆及蜜糖。其余两份材料皆如此处理。
3. 把3份的材料都放置好,放置一层保鲜膜于瓶口封密。在放阴凉处约2个星期后即可饮用。
4. 饮用时,取30ml稀释10倍水即可,酵素渣也可一起食用。

1. Rinse the dragon fruit & lemon and keep dry. Remove the skin and slice it. Dry Longan need not be rinsed.
2. Divide ingredients into three portions. Stack ingredients into the glass jar (dried longan, dragon fruit, lemon, oligo, honey). Repeat the process with the remaining portions.
3. Seal with food wrap and cover with a lid. Keep in dry and cool place for two weeks before serving.
4. For serving, every 30ml enzyme mix with ten times of water.

火龙果含有天然果胶,多种矿物质,维生素,其中果胶对皮肤的滋泽,再生,有极大的帮助,十分险适合儿童,女性,贫血者或体质虚弱的人食用。 是美白健康的天然食品。龙眼又称桂圆,具有养血安神,营养滋补,增强记忆力的功效。
Dragon fruit contains remarkable concentration of nutrients and the most valuable antioxidant to protect us from the damaging of free radicals.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Made Mexican Bun

Hi! Today I am sharing this home made mexican bun which taste very good (even can compete with Roti Boy) ... As long as you follow the recipe closely, you should be able to make it as well

Ingredients for Dough

  • High Gluten Flour (High protein flour) - 500 gm

  • Sugar - 80 gm

  • Salt - 8 gm

  • Instance Yeast - 11 gm

  • Milk Powder - 25 gm

  • Egg (cold) - 2 nos

  • Unsalted butter - 60gm

  • Cool water - 200gm

  • Bread Improver + Softerner - 5 gm

How to prepare the dough

  1. Combine Butter, Sugar, Salt. Knead all the ingredients together

  2. Then pour in eggs (cold temperature), yeast, knead the mixture with flour & improver (yeast cannot mix with water, else it will be < active)

  3. Mix 2 mins then using high speed until ready (it takes approximately 30 minutes using Kenwood stand mixer with speed 2)

  4. Cover the dough with cloth, let it rest for 5 minutes

  5. Put some shortening to tray

  6. Divide the dough into 10 little doughs and shape it into round ball shape.

  7. Put butter to dough and seal it tightly, rest the dough until double size

Ingredients for Recipe B

  • Super Fine Flour - 125 gm

  • Sugar - 90gm

  • Salt - 1 gm

  • Egg (B size) - 150 gm

  • Coffee Paste (unoco) - 5 ml

  • Instant Coffee - 2 gm

  • Butter - 125 gm


  1. Beat butter using low speed

  2. Use a separate bowl, mix sugar, salt & whisks

  3. Pour 11 into 10

  4. Mix all ingredients well

  5. Pipe out the filling in a spiral start from the top center of each buns. Bake for 12 minutes at 200'C preheated oven.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to bake Pandan Chiffon Cake

I got this recipe from my relative, following the method in the recipe will allow you to bake a very delicious chiffon cake, it is worth for you to try it out

Ingredients I

  • 5 egg yolks (A grade)

  • 200gram softasilk flour

  • 1 teasp baking powder

  • 100 cc coconut cream

  • 50cc pandan juice

  • 1 teasp salt

  • 100cc corn oil

Ingredients II

  • 250gram sugar

  • 420cc egg whites


  1. Mix ingredients in (I) till well blended (can mix with wooden spoon in a bowl).

  2. Beat ingredients in (II) till stiff.

  3. Fold blended ingredients in (I) into (II) gently do not overmix

  4. Pour mixture into a 21cm tube mould and bake till cook.

  5. Oven temp 375F for 1 hour.

  6. When cake is out of oven turn the mould up-side down and let cake cool.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to bake Carrot Walnut Cake

This recipe is one of my collection of my favorite dessert 2 years back.

Ingredients for the Cake

    • Carrots (shredded) 280 g

    • Brown sugar 60g

    • Raisin (yellow) 45g

    • Whole eggs 165g (3 nos)

    • Castor sugar 135g

    • Corn oil 150g

    • Vanilla essence (optional) 1/4 tsp

    • High protein flour 110g

    • Low protein flour 110g

    • Baking powder 4g

    • Salt 3g

    • Ground cinnamon 4g

    • Walnut (lightly toasted and chopped) 70g

Ingredients for Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Cream cheese (room temparature) 140g

  • Unsalted butter (room temparature) 55g

  • Icing sugar 80g

  • Vanilla essence 1/4 tsp

  • Ground cinnamon - optional

  • Orange zest - optional


  1. Preheat oven to 180C. Line cake pan (8"x8"x2") with baking paper.

  2. Combine flours, baking powder, salt and ground cinnamon. Sieve and set aside.

  3. In a bowl, combine shredded carrot, brown sugar and raisin. Set aside.

  4. In a mixing bowl, whisk eggs and castor sugar until fluffy.

  5. Gradually add in corn oil and vanilla essence, mix well.

  6. Add in 1/2 of sifted flour(B) and 1/2 of carrot mixture. Fold lightly to combine.

  7. Add in walnuts, the balanced flour and carrot mixture. Fold to combine, do not over mixed.

  8. Pour mixture into the prepared cake pan and smoothen the surface.

  9. Bake at 180C for 40-50 mins or until a toothpick inserted come out clean.

  10. Cool on rack(in pan) for 10 mins. Remove from pan and cool completely on rack

  11. Prepare the cheese frosting.

    In a bowl, cream the cream cheese and butter until smooth. Add in sieved icing sugar and vanilla, beat until smooth and creamy. Use piping bag to frost onto cooled cake. Dust with cinnamon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to bake Chocolate Walnut Tart

This recipe is one of my collection of my favorite dessert and is easy to make. For the step by step picture, it is similar to my previous posting Blueberry Cheese Tart.

Ingredients I used for the tart shell

  • Plain Flour 300 gram

  • Icing Sugar 80 gram

  • Butter 200 gram

  • Fresh Milk 20 ml

  • Egg 1 nos

Steps for the tart shell

  1. Combine butter and sugar into mixer, stir well (well mixed with low speed using K Blade

  2. Add milk and mix using high speed, then add flour, egg and mix using low speed until a soft dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes

  3. Divide the dough 40 gm and press into 2 inches tart mould evenly then bake for 10 minutes.

Ingredients for filling

  • Walnut - chopped 200 gram

  • Chocolate Chip 50 gram

  • Sugar 50 gram

  • Whole Egg (B size) 2 nos

  • UHT Cream 200 ml

Steps for making the filling

  1. Combine the sugar and egg blend slowly till sugar dissolve. Add in UHT cream and stir well (mix and beat softly using whisk)

  2. Fold in walnut and chocolate chip into the tart base. Then pour the UHT cream mixture accordidng level.

  3. Bake at 180 degree Celcius for 25-30 minutes

Monday, July 13, 2009

DIY Grape Enzyme

Harvested my pineapple enzyme today and very excited to continue for my next journey for my grape enzyme.

My recipe for grape enzyme

What I used for my grape enzyme
1 kg Red Grape (with seed - the seed for red grape is a type of anti-oxidants which help to protect our cells from free radicals damage and also promotes healthy circulation)
3 lemon
800 g organic raw sugar
200 g oligo sugar

How to prepare the Grape Enzyme
  1. Rinse grapes and lemon and allow them to be air dried.
  2. Slice grapes and cut lemon into thin slices
  3. Place dried grapes and lemon slices in layers into a glass bottle and follow by a layer of raw sugar & oligo sugar
  4. Repeat step 1 to 3 for another 2 layer.
  5. Seal and store the bottle in a dark, cool place for fermentation
  6. On a daily basis for the 1st week, gently shake the bottle to get the sugar to coat the fruits nicely.
  7. Follow by 2nd and 3rd week, shake the bottle so that the fruits could be evenly fermented
  8. The enzyme can be harvest on the 2nd or 3rd week depend on your likes.
  9. Separating the fruits from the enzyme. Shive the juice, store in clean bottle and keep in the fridge
  10. Serve 30ml on daily basis

Day 0

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Step by step making Aloe Vera Enzyme

Home made DIY Fruit Enzyme is part of my interest lately. Not only I & my family member can be more healthy from the fruit enzyme, myself and my kids are enjoying the process of making it.

The fruit enzyme is through fermentation and created live bacteria with the nutrients available in fruits. To produce good fruit enzyme, the most secret recipe is to ensure all the utensils, glass jar, fruits etc are hygienic, make sure all the tools are clean and dry.

For making Aloe Vera Enzyme, the ingredients needed :-
1 kg of fruits (mixture of green apple, aloe vera & lemon)
1 kg of raw sugar (organic sugar)

How to prepare the Aloe Vera Enzyme :
  1. Peel off the green skin of the leaf and cut it into small pieces. Keep it in a container to let the cut up pieces soak in water for at least one day in fridge. This step is important to eliminate the yellow bitter latex from the inner lining of the leaf. On the following day, you will notice the color of the water changed to red or pink color. Throw out the colored water and once again soak the aloe vera plant in water to make sure you have eliminated all the impurities. Remove water and drain dry
  2. Cut apple in to pieces. Remove the seed
  3. Peel off the skin of lemon, cut it in to slices. Remove the seed if any. The seed can be bitter if not remove.
  4. Layer the fruit to the jar. First put in the aloe vera, follow by apple then lemon and lastly put the layer of sugar to cover all the fruits. Repeat this for another 2 layer.
  5. Close the jar and place the jar to a cool place

On a daily basis for the 1st week, gently shake the bottle to get the sugar to coat the fruits nicely.
After 2nd week, you can taste the juice... probably sweet but 'fizzy'. You may keep it for another 1 week for a sweet, sour and more matured taste.

It is ready for consumption now.
Separate the fruits from the enzyme, shive the juices, store in clean bottle and keep in the fridge. It can be take on daily basis before or after food, but if you have a weaker stomach, take it after your meal.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blueberry Cheese Tart for Father Day

Today is Father Day for 2009.... and I am having wonderful time baking the Blueberry Cheese Tart with my kids ....

First we tried to prepare for the tart shell with the following :-

Plain Flour 300gm
Icing Sugar 80 gm
Butter 200 gm
Fresh Milk 20 ml
Egg 1/2 nos

Methods :
  1. Combine butter and sugar into mixer, stir well using low speed with K Blade
  2. Add milk using high speed, then add in the flour and egg and stir using low speed until a soft dough. Rest the dough for 30 minutes
  3. Divide the dough into about 40 equally portion and press into 2 inches tart mould evenly then bake for 10 minutes

Yeah, that is the first part, while waiting for the dough to rest (step 2 above), we started to prepare for the filling

Ingredients A
Cream cheese 250gm
Icing Sugar 40gm
Butter 10 gm
Egg 1 nos
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp
Fine Salt 1/5 tsp

Blueberry Jam

Method :
  1. Combine Ingredients A together, Scoop into a piping bag
  2. Pipe the filing into tart shells. Spoon Blueberry on top
  3. Bake once more for 10 minutes at 180 degree celcius

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mixed Fruit Buns

I have been trying various recipe for bread making, finally I manage to bake my own Mixed Fruit Bun which I feel satisfy....

To all my friends, here is my recipe which I has adjusted and combine with few different recipe...

High Gluten Flour (High protein flour) 500 gram
Sugar 80 gram
Salt 8 gram
Instant Yeast 11 gram (1 packet)
Milk Powder 25 gram
Eggs (preferably in cold temparature) 2 nos
Unsalted Butter 60 gram
Cool Water 180 gram
Bread Improver 5 gram
Bread Softener 5 gram
Australian Mixed Fruit 200 gram
Almond strips 50 gram

  1. Sieve flour and milk powder
  2. Mixed Butter, sugar & salt
  3. The pour in eggs and combile with yeast, flour, softener, bread improver & water
  4. Mix until ready (it takes about 30 minutes.)
  5. Add in Australian Mixed Dried Fruits & half of the almond strips
  6. Allow to rest for about 10 minutes before cutting in 0gm pieces and place on a greased baking tray and rest to prove till double its size
  7. Decorate the remaining almond strips on the of the bread.
  8. Egg wash (use egg yolk) before baking in preheat 180˚C for 15 minutes

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is Fruit Enzyme

All my neighbour and friends are talking about fruit enzyme and making their own fruit enzyme at home. I was so attracted by them and has started some research on it.... I found out that a lot of comments on how the fruit enzyme can improve our health and would like to share this with you for a healthier lifestyle with full of fun

What is Fruit Enzyme

Fruit Enzyme can be created by mixing fruits/vegetables with a sugar source and letting the mixture undergo a fermentation process. The making of fruit enzyme involves one ratio of honey with three ratios of fresh fruits depending on the size of the container.


  • Maintain good viruses in our body which aid digestion

  • Fight bad viruses by strengthening our white blood cells

  • Help to repair cells and tissues in our body

  • Strengthen our immune system

  • Improve Cell Metabolism

  • Prevent Aging

  • Improves liver function, alcohol drinker can see the effects instantly

  • Normalizing blood sugar level

  • Slowing down fat formation in the body organs and tissues

  • Rejuvenating and reducing tiredness

  • Increse amono acids in the body

Recipe for Fruit Enzyme



Kiwi Fruit Enzyme

10 no KiwiFruit

1 no Lemon

350 ml Honey/350 g Organic Sugar

Kiwi fruits contains mineral such as protein, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, vitamin C. It can help for anti ageing and prevents cold and flu. It can also clams the nerve and improves sleep
Pineapple Enzyme
2 no Pineapple

1 no Lemon

350 ml Honey/350 g Organic Sugar
Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C which is a common antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage and boosts the immune system. It can help to reduce pigmentation, soothe and hydrate skin
Apple + Carrot Enzyme
5 no green apples
5 no red apples
2 no Carrot
1 no Lemon
350 ml Honey/350 g Organic Sugar
Carrot is a good antioxidant that provides energy and improves the immune system. It is suitable for those who work long hours in front of a computer
Dragonfruit Enzyme
4 no dragon fruit
2 no Lemon
350 ml Honey/350 g Organic Sugar
Dragon fruit is rich in Vatamin C and minerals especially Calcium. Dragon Fruit Enzyme is blended using the red flesh Dragon Fruit variety, known as Hylocereus Polyrhizus, and is rich in fibre, minerals and Vitamin C to improve sleeping pattern, alleviates tiredness and to improve your life quality. It can also protects us from damaging of free radicals, prevent premature aging and result in glowing complexion
Grape Enzyme
4 no dragon fruit
350 gram Green Grape
350 gram Red Grape
300 gram Black Grape
1 no Lemon
350 ml Honey/350 g Organic Sugar
Grape is rich in Vitamin A, B and C. It contains glucose and promotes blood circulation and, it is also a rich source of antioxidants and is said to delay the effects of ageing. For grape only enzyme, you can refer to DIY Grape Enzyme
Aloe Vera Enzyme
4 no aloe vera
4 no Kiwi fruit
2 no of Apple
2 no Lemon
350 ml Honey/350 g Organic Sugar
Aloe Vera will help to improve oral ulcer and prevents constipation.

Step by step guide:

  • Wash the fruits and let air dry it.
  • Wash the jars, knife, chopping board and air dry it.
  • Make sure that everything are clean and dry without water, to prevent contamination, growing mold or bad bacteria.
  • Peeling the fruits and cut them into pieces.
  • Lay one layer of fruit slice in the jar, one layer of lemon slices, one layer of sugar/honey.
  • Repeat the process until the jar is full. Remember to cover the last layer with sugar/honey.
  • Close the jar tightly and leave it at a corner without direct sunlight. Do not put in on the floor.
  • From time to time, about every 2 days, shake the jar lightly to ensure that the fruits and top part of the bottle are immersed in liquid to prevent mold growth and let the bubbles out.
  • Let the fermentation goes on for another 2 - 3 weeks, occasionally open the lid to release gasses. shake bottle daily
  • enzyme is ready for consumption after 3 weeks.
  • Let the fermentation goes on for another 2 - 3 weeks.

Photo of Dragon Fruit Enzyme Making

Day 0

Day 7

Cleaning enzyme
10 parts water1 part brown sugar (don't use white sugar)
3 parts kitchen waste (best with citrus peel, apple skins, papaya skins, pineapple flesh, cucumber peel, tomatoes, pandan leaves, dragon fruit skins)
1 plastic air tight container (don't use glass container)

Mix water and sugar. This should fill up the container up to about 60%. Cut the kitchen waste and add to the mixture. This should fill the container up to about 80%. Stir and close. Keep away from sunlight for 3 months.

For the first month, you need to stir and release the gas (product of the fermentation process) on a daily basis. When you open the container, you will hear the Psst sound (after a few days or so). You continue to open the container once a day until you don't hear the psst sound anymore. (This gas buildup is the reason you don't use glass container).

After 3 months, the ideal color should be dark brown. If it turns black, add more sugar and let it ferment a little longer.

I hope you enjoy it as well....