Thursday, October 1, 2009

Non Sugar Dragon Fruit Enzyme

• Dragon Fruit 火龙果 800 g (2 big Dragon fruit)
• Dried Longan 龙眼肉 100 g
• Lemon 柠檬 200 g (1 lemon)
• Oligo 寡糖 90 g
• Honey 蜜糖 250 g

1. 将火龙果及柠檬洗净后晾干,切片备用。 龙眼肉无需清洗。
2. 把准备好的材料分成三分。顺序将龙眼肉,火龙果,及柠檬以层段的方式堆叠放入玻璃瓶内,淋上纯寡糖浆及蜜糖。其余两份材料皆如此处理。
3. 把3份的材料都放置好,放置一层保鲜膜于瓶口封密。在放阴凉处约2个星期后即可饮用。
4. 饮用时,取30ml稀释10倍水即可,酵素渣也可一起食用。

1. Rinse the dragon fruit & lemon and keep dry. Remove the skin and slice it. Dry Longan need not be rinsed.
2. Divide ingredients into three portions. Stack ingredients into the glass jar (dried longan, dragon fruit, lemon, oligo, honey). Repeat the process with the remaining portions.
3. Seal with food wrap and cover with a lid. Keep in dry and cool place for two weeks before serving.
4. For serving, every 30ml enzyme mix with ten times of water.

火龙果含有天然果胶,多种矿物质,维生素,其中果胶对皮肤的滋泽,再生,有极大的帮助,十分险适合儿童,女性,贫血者或体质虚弱的人食用。 是美白健康的天然食品。龙眼又称桂圆,具有养血安神,营养滋补,增强记忆力的功效。
Dragon fruit contains remarkable concentration of nutrients and the most valuable antioxidant to protect us from the damaging of free radicals.

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