Sunday, July 5, 2009

Step by step making Aloe Vera Enzyme

Home made DIY Fruit Enzyme is part of my interest lately. Not only I & my family member can be more healthy from the fruit enzyme, myself and my kids are enjoying the process of making it.

The fruit enzyme is through fermentation and created live bacteria with the nutrients available in fruits. To produce good fruit enzyme, the most secret recipe is to ensure all the utensils, glass jar, fruits etc are hygienic, make sure all the tools are clean and dry.

For making Aloe Vera Enzyme, the ingredients needed :-
1 kg of fruits (mixture of green apple, aloe vera & lemon)
1 kg of raw sugar (organic sugar)

How to prepare the Aloe Vera Enzyme :
  1. Peel off the green skin of the leaf and cut it into small pieces. Keep it in a container to let the cut up pieces soak in water for at least one day in fridge. This step is important to eliminate the yellow bitter latex from the inner lining of the leaf. On the following day, you will notice the color of the water changed to red or pink color. Throw out the colored water and once again soak the aloe vera plant in water to make sure you have eliminated all the impurities. Remove water and drain dry
  2. Cut apple in to pieces. Remove the seed
  3. Peel off the skin of lemon, cut it in to slices. Remove the seed if any. The seed can be bitter if not remove.
  4. Layer the fruit to the jar. First put in the aloe vera, follow by apple then lemon and lastly put the layer of sugar to cover all the fruits. Repeat this for another 2 layer.
  5. Close the jar and place the jar to a cool place

On a daily basis for the 1st week, gently shake the bottle to get the sugar to coat the fruits nicely.
After 2nd week, you can taste the juice... probably sweet but 'fizzy'. You may keep it for another 1 week for a sweet, sour and more matured taste.

It is ready for consumption now.
Separate the fruits from the enzyme, shive the juices, store in clean bottle and keep in the fridge. It can be take on daily basis before or after food, but if you have a weaker stomach, take it after your meal.

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